In these stories enemas and spankings are background, often are instrumental to the story. Every story has a message, a reason, something beyond mere entertainment. Enemas and spankings are ancient procedures, should be known. However, enemas and spankings are misunderstood. A clearer understanding can help lives. Including factual and real situations in fiction is a way of  stimulating thinking and clarifying thought.  Two things are to occur reading these stories, one: that the reader enjoy and take away a good feeling about the characters and their lives, the same feeling one should have after reading any good story. Two: that the reader learn something about spankings or enemas.

         In modern medicine enemas are rare and are being taught as being only for constipation. Fifty years ago enemas were common and were successfully used in medicine for treating more than 122 different conditions and diseases. The narrowing of thinking in orthodox medicine in this area is causing a decrease in the quality of health care. Change happened. Sometimes change is good. Sometimes it is not. Sometimes it is based on thought and observation. The change in the use of enemas has not involved one hour of scientific investigation or critical thinking within modern medicine, other than to discover that more money is made from drugs than enemas.

         Replacing safe, proven treatments to increase profits is rarely good. Enemas are extremely safe compared to drug or other therapies now used for treating the same conditions. For example, enemas used in treating constipation. In recorded history there are almost no incidents of problems from the billions of properly given enemas used to treat constipation. One laxative used to replace enemas, phenolphthalein, may have caused thousands, or more, cases of liver cancer.

         Large warm enemas were used to increase contractions in mothers as preparation for childbirth. A woman given a good enema for stimulating contractions and not needing it has a bowel movement, something less serious than having a bath. There are no cases on record of these enemas, properly given, causing any harm. The enema was replaced by intravenous injection of artificial hormones which can increase uterine contractions more effectively than enemas. Thousands of women and their babies have died from ruptured uteruses caused by the use of this artificial stimulation.

         A woman in labor given an enema, and ready to have her baby, has increased contractions and has her baby more quickly with less discomfort. A woman, unready, can control her reactions, and not have her baby until her body determines the right time. In those rare cases where a baby must come into the world, ready or not, there is reason to use artificial means. Where artificial stimulation is used without good reason, the doctor’s convenience, etc., it is not good. 

         Our goal is to share as part of our stories a dose of reality, of the proper use of enemas and spankings.





Love Thine Enemas

and Heal Thyself,

7th Edition

344 pages


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